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YavaScript.org Logo.
  • yavascript.org

    Homepage for my "YavaScript" compiler and extensions for JavaScript.

SA-MP Logo.
  • sa-mp.com

    Homepage of San Andreas Multiplayer, the online gaming mod for GTA to which I have contributed.

Y_Less' Long Logo.
  • y-l.es

    My own personal URL shortener.

YSI.tl WIKI Logo.
  • ysi.tl

    Homepage of YSI - the Y Script Includes library for SA-MP scripting.

University of Leicester Logo.
  • ESRG

    ESRG - the Embedded Systems Research Group at the University of Leicester, is where I currently work.

JUMP.pk Logo.
  • JUMP.pk

    JUMP.pk (JUMP Parkour), who I assist with teaching for, is the foremost parkour group in the Midlands.

JUMP.pk Logo.
  • Old Homepage

    My old homepage. As a functional website it is not a very good concept at all (and incomplete), but visually I quite like it given that design has never been my strong suit.